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(419) 499-2705

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About ScottRods

Over the past several years, ScottRods Custom HotRods & Fiberglass has become a leader in the Fiberglass Hotrod Industry.  With over 30 years of experience in restoration, fabrication and lamination, we have worked hard to fine-tune our manufacturing processes.  The quality of our hand-laminated products is second-to-none and we take pride in providing our customers with superior fiberglass bodies for street rods, drag racers, show cars and more.   

Because we have had the opportunity to build and purchase molds from several different manufacturers, we have accumulated over 3,000 molds to provide a unique variety of nostalgia hotrod bodies and replacement parts to our customers. Visit our roller section for a list of the fiberglass body and chassis packages we offer along with the many options available.  The Hankster and Kingpin are customized models that can only be found at ScottRods.  

ScottRods is a family-owned business that strives to build

quality fiberglass parts and long lasting friendships with our

customers and fellow car enthusiasts. Scott has over 35 years

of experience in auto body repair, restoring his first car at

the age of fourteen in between going to school and working

on the family farm.  Over the years, Scott worked part-time

in his home shop repairing a steady flow of wrecked cars and

restoring countless hotrods along with working a full-time job.

Although Scott has restored an assortment of cars from the

Porsche to the GTO, he always favored restoring and

customizing Corvettes.  He has restored many customer

Corvettes and six of his own which gave him a great deal of

Experience in the lay-up and repair of fiberglass products.

In the early 2000’s, Scott was asked to build a mold for a 1951 Henry J.  He finished the mold and built a complete Henry J Gasser that still resides at ScottRods and is known as ‘Serial Number One’.  Scott is proud to be the only fiberglass manufacturer to offer fiberglass bodies and replacement parts for the Henry J.  Over the following years, Scott purchased molds from The Rod Shop, Rod & Race Fiberglass (Anderson Industries), and Flint River Rods.  These acquisitions enabled ScottRods to offer bodies and parts ranging from the ’23 T-Bucket and C-Cab to the ’33 and ’41 Willys to a full line of Fiats, Fords and Chevys making our line of fiberglass products the largest available in the HotRod Industry.

After 20 years of employment as a reactor-operator, Scott decided to leave his day job and dedicate his time and efforts to fulfilling his dream of operating his own business catering to car and racing enthusiasts like himself.  There have been several additions to the shop, a new showroom, new employees and the recent purchase of Willys HotRods which has enabled ScottRods to offer even more quality cars and parts at competitive prices.  We have vastly increased our customer base in the last few years; even shipping to international customers including Canada, South America and Australia.  Although ScottRods continues to grow and develop new product ideas, we will always do our best to ensure a quality product in a timely manner and customer satisfaction will remain our number one priority!